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Tree Hugger by Nero-Inferno
Tree Hugger
The vectors belong to:
Tree Hugger by thebosscamacho:…
Campsite Background by Dipi11:…

This one is going to be my last one for a while... I have said that a few times but this maybe my last for at a while... maybe. I do admit I am not the biggest hippie fan I do have one friend that I guess is a hippie and she is the only one I can stand. Tree hugger is a... interesting character to say the least but if she never showed up again I would be shocked. Granted if she showed up in eqg I think she would be better at least since hippie pony is kind of weird.
Going to put this out there I have an idea for a pinkie pie wallpaper and but I want to know what characters do they want the one after (or before since I have put some of these on hold) the current one I'm working on to be? comment below any idea's or suggestions 
Fluttershy: one day at a time by Nero-Inferno
Fluttershy: one day at a time
Vectors were made by:
soren-the-owl who made the Fluttercute:…
Hawk9mm who made the Fluttershy cutie mark:…

So this quote is from my least favorite mlp episode but that face and the quote i find to be great advice. But yeah I just find the episode to be boring and focusing to much the song and not much else and really bored me into almost skipping the episode and it added nothing to fluttershy's character. Also I felt like doing a less complicated type of wallpaper rather than the making sure every small detail fits together. 
Djent-tavia by Nero-Inferno
Vectors belong to:
Magister39 and its octabat:…
Spirtofthwwolf and its MLP - Mare in the Moon Vector:…

So mid-season break with an the third eqg film on the way, I can take the trade off plus this eqg film looks to be the best yet. Season 5 so far has been weird not bad but it sure is interesting also we got more luna and thats never a bad thing. Also to djent I have recently started listening to djent bands and while bands like veil of maya and periphery are okay and at least worth listening to but stuff like animals as leaders and tesseract are kind of to out there for me but i can at least dig the guitar sounds. Going to stick with my new lamb of god and fear factory albums and with new bullet for my valentine, disturbed, five finger death punch, buckcherry, slayer, the black dahlia murder, Trivium (day before my 21th that comes out), parkway drive and many more to count... its great to be listening to music right now.
Vinyl: under my control by Nero-Inferno
Vinyl: under my control
Vector belongs to:
Abion47 with Music to my ears…

So yeah episode 100 is coming up in two weeks and I've heard its gonna be brony friendly, no idea want to go into the episode blind as can be. Also with summer being here I am going to be doing more wallpapers, maybe other stuff (don't bet on it that second part though) and hopefully I will try to improve my wallpapers since I have a lot of bad ones and want to make up for it and will have to get back into using photoshop again. Also on a side note have you heard the nowacking's version of all about that bass I love it and recommended you give it the once over and can't wait for to see what else the show will do since this season has gotten dark.

Also: All the images in this artwork belong to Hasbro and DHX Studios, lastly thanks to Lauren Faust for all her work on the show.


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Zach Hogan
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Urm yeah so one day i'll do this properly but rght now...
My ukofequestria is called Green Ink

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